Everyone has a birthstone, a precious gemstone
that marks the time of year they entered the world.

Your birthstone is dictated by the month you were born. Just like star signs and horoscopes, an individual's birthstone reflects qualities unique to them and were considered by early civilisations to have magical properties as well as bringing good luck and prosperity to the wearer.

While we may no longer be quite so invested in the power of individual birthstones, wearing beautiful gems that represent both ourselves and our family members is a special and eternal connection to life and loved ones.

Your stone and you



Garnet wearers tend to be kind, compassionate and sensible.

Ideally you have this person on speed dial as they can always be relied upon in a crisis.

These individuals can quickly understand a chaotic situation and often glide in like a fairy godmother calmly restoring peace and order without so much as a hair out of place or chipping a nail.



Serenity and calmness are the personal characteristics linked with the amethyst birthstone but while gentle in manner these people are known for their courage.

Occasionally, contemplation with their spiritual side may be mistaken for a slightly laid-back approach to life when in fact they just have a fabulous, inner peace to be envied.



Associated with the sea these beautiful stones are a symbol of purification and hence March babies have a reputation for putting the world right, inspiring truth and problem solving.

Another strength is their communication, these people love a chat and have a fantastic creative streak making them, among other things, a great shopping companion or style adviser.



A symbol of everlasting love, this dazzling and enduring jewel is considered the stone of winners, representing strength of character, health, vitality and general pizzazz.

Endurance and stubbornness are qualities that also hold April babies in good stead as they successfully navigate their way along life's sometimes challenging path.



Known for their rather amazing and selfless ability to unify and reconcile people, those born under an emerald birthstone make excellent peace keepers and mediators.

The emerald is also representative of unconditional love and compassion, something these guys have in spades.



June's wearer of pearls is said, like the stone, to project traits of modesty, chastity and purity.

However, despite such “innocence” their focus is second to none and they are excellent money makers, bright, wonderfully loyal friends and gifted with animals.

Another excellent trait is these people's sense of humour, to spend time with them is to end up weeping with laughter.



This exquisite gem is very rare and to know someone born to the stone is to be associated with a person who will have a resounding and unique impact on life.

June children are engaging, warm, funny and talkative, the ultimate people's person. However, belying this disarmingly charming and polite exterior is a very sensitive person who has incredible intuition, so is a great source of advice, but can be easily hurt.



People born under June's moonstone are intuitive, imaginative, and romantic, not to mention hopeful about their futures.

They have a healthy sense of self-esteem. They appreciate the world around them, and they remain joyful despite the ups and downs of life.

Just like their magical colour-changing birthstone, they have changeable natures as well. Their moods can shift very quickly indeed!



Two words describe those born under a ruby birthstone, “fabulous darling!”

The stone is a symbol of power and passion and likewise these lucky people ooze confidence, love drama and are unafraid of a little confrontation now and again.

Life is a stage for these individuals and they fully embrace it.



August babies with a Peridot birthstone - linked to peace, happiness and prosperity - are often described as having a magnetic personality.

These annoyingly, wonderful people make friends wherever they go, are generous to a fault and utterly discreet.

In fact, a Perdiot wearer would give you the shirt of their back and provide unwavering assistance, in any situation, without batting an eyelid.



September sapphire wearers define serenity. To all intents and purpose, they appear to have mastered life in that they are intelligent, cool, calm, and collected. As such, they make great leaders both in business and life.

However, these individuals can also often be mistaken as arrogant or aloof when really, they are just fiercely private. Once trusted by them you will be carried in their heart for life.



You can tell those with a tourmaline birthstone from a mile off, they're the ones in the thick of the party radiating those good-time vibes. These fun, social, charming and independent people love nothing more than being out and about. The idea of staying home on a Saturday night in front of the TV is not only alien to them but utterly unappealing.

The Tourmaline stone is also associated with the heart and positive energy, likewise its wearers prefer a life of happiness and harmony and go out of their way to avoid confrontation.



Just as opals command attention from their variety and kaleidoscope of colours so do their wearers who tend to be equally eye catching or attention grabbing, not that they mean to be. In fact, those born in October actually prefer to keep a low profile as they are incredibly sensitive to what other people think of them.

On the plus side, opal wearers make great travel companions as they are always seeking out new, “colourful” experiences but at the same time adore the company of their friends.



The citrine birthstone is associated with hope and strength but to its wearers it bestows success and luck. As such, joyous November souls often appear to be the recipients of most of life's good fortune; the business class upgrade, the table by the window, a taxi on a rainy night.

At least for the rest of us averagely blessed mortals our November friends our extremely generous and love sharing their spoils. We also can't help but feel warmed by their good vibes and positivity.



Every good quality you can imagine in a person is linked to the turquoise birthstone; strength, sensitivity, honesty, loyalty and protection.

These people also happen to be wise beyond their years, so apart from giving great, non-judgmental advice they are often quite prosperous.

When not solving the world's problems at work or on the phone, they make the ultimate godparents, guardians and confidantes.



Zircon is regarded as a love charm and is symbolic of good fortune. Its wearers are bouncy happy people, with infectious good humour who love to give.

Their enthusiasm, energy and willingness to take on a challenge, is the recipe behind their social and financial success as well as the fact they are naturals at spreading joy.

A weekend away with a December child is always memorable and fun, fun, fun.



Tanzanite is a stunning blue stone associated with the heart and mind. The jewel's charming wearers spread (and receive) love, good fortune and happiness wherever they go making these family members and/or friends an absolute joy to be around.

The gift-of-the gab also comes naturally to these individuals as do perceptive abilities that verge on the psychic.